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Boiled and seasoned soy bean.
Egg Rolls$4.05
2 Pork.
Agedashi Tosu$4.95
Deep fried tofu served with tempura sauce.
Steam or fried dumplings.
Vegetables Timpura$5.05
Lightly battered assorted vegetables.
Calamari Tempura$5.05
Lightly battered calamari.
Chicken Tempura$5.05
Lightly battered chicken.
Baked Mussels$5.95
5 piece baked mussels in mayo sauce.
Shrimp & Vegetables Tempura$6.05
Gently battered shrimps and vegetables.
Shrimp Tempura$7.45
Gently battered shrimps.

Teppanyaki Lunch

Hibachi Vegetables$7.05
Hibachi Chicken$7.95
Sukiyaki Steak$9.05
Julienne beef.
Hibachi Rebeye Steak$10.95
Hibachi Filet Mignon$11.95
Hibachi Calamari$9.05
Hibachi Salmon$9.95
Hibachi Shrimp$10.05
Hibachi Swordfish$10.05
Hibachi Mahi Mahi$10.05
Hibachi Scallops$11.05


Choice of 2 Combo$14.05
Choice of 3 Combo$16.95


Shrimp Tempura Udon$8.05
Seafood Udon$9.05

Sushi Lunch Special

2 Rolls Special$10.05
Choose from any 2 different rolls.
Bento Box$10.95
4 piece california roll, noodle and gyoza.
Sashimi Platter$12.95
8 pieces of sashimi with rice.
Sushi Platter$12.95
8 pieces of sushi.


Soft Drink$1.95
Ice Tea$1.95
Green Tea$1.95
Japanese hot tea.
Sparkling Water$2.05
Milk and Chocolate Milk$2.05
Ramune Japanese Soda Pop$2.95