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Lunch Special

L1. Hibachi Vegetable$8.54
L5. Teriyaki Tofu Vegetable$8.94
L3. Hibachi Steak$10.04
L4. Teriyaki Vegetable$8.54
L23. Beef Mushroom$8.94
L22. Beef with Garlic Sauce$9.04
* *Hot and spicy
L24. Moo Goo Gai Pan$8.54
L9. Chicken with Broccoli$8.54
L18. Chicken Chow Mein$8.54
L17. Chicken with Garlic Sauce$8.44
L8. Two Way's Combo$10.04
L21. Pepper Steak with Onion$9.04
L12. Beef with Mixed Vegetable$8.94
L6. Teriyaki Steak$10.04
L15. Grill Bourbon Chicken$10.04
L20. Sweet & Sour Chicken$8.54
L14. General Tso's Chicken$8.94
* *Hot and spicy
L7. Teriyaki Chicken$8.94
L10. Chicken with Mixed Vegetable$8.44
L11. Beef with Broccoli$8.94
L19. Chicken Lo Mein$8.54
L16. Chicken with Mushroom$8.54
L2. Hibachi Chicken$9.04
L13. Sesame Chicken$8.94

Dinner Plates

D15. Chicken with Mushroom$12.94
D12. Sweet & Sour Chicken$12.94
D4. Hibachi Veal$14.94
D3. Hibachi Steak$14.44
D23. General Tso's Chicken$13.94
* *Hot and spicy
D25. Chicken Lo Mein$13.04
D9. Two Way's Combo$15.44
D26. Moo Goo Gai Pan$12.94
D17. Beef with Broccoli$13.94
D18. Beef with Mixed Vegetable$14.04
D19. Pepper Steak with Onions$14.04
D11. Chicken Chow Mein$12.94
D16. Chicken with Garlic Sauce$12.94
* *Hot and spicy
D14. Chicken with Mixed Vegetable$12.94
D10. Three Way's Combo$16.04
D1. Hibachi Vegetable$12.94
D2. Hibachi Chicken$14.04
D6. Teriyaki Chicken$13.94
D13. Chicken with Broccoli$12.94
D8. Teriyaki Veal$14.94
D5. Teriyaki Tofu Vegetable$13.54
D7. Teriyaki Steak$14.54
D21. Beef with Mushroom$14.04
D20. Beef with Garlic Sauce$14.04
* *Hot and spicy
D24. Grill Bourbon Chicken$14.94
D22. Sesame Chicken$14.04

Chef Special

1. General Tso's Chicken$18.04
* *Hot and spicy
2. Sesame Chicken$18.04
3. Grill Bourbon Chicken$19.04
4. Orange Flavor Chicken$17.94
* *Hot and spicy
5. Sesame Beef$18.94
6. Orange Flavor Beef$19.04
* *Hot and spicy
7. Happy Family$19.04
8. Chicken & Beef in Garlic Sauce$17.94
* *Hot and spicy
9. Hunan Chicken & Beef$17.94
* *Hot and spicy
10. Chicken & Steak in Black Pepper Sauce$19.04
* *Hot and spicy
11. Chicken & Steak with Teriyaki Sauce$19.54
12. Triple Delight with Teriyaki Sauce$20.44
13. Boneless Chicken$18.04
14. Mongolian Beef$18.94
* *Hot and spicy
15. Mandarin Chicken$17.94
* *Hot and spicy
16. Mongolian Chicken$18.04
* *Hot and spicy
17. Chicken & Beef with Eggplant in Garlic Sauce$18.04
* *Hot and spicy


1. Haru Maki (2 Pc)$4.04
2. Beef Egg Roll (2 Pc)$4.94
3. Chicken Egg Roll (2 Pc)$4.94
4. Fried Wonton (10 Pc)$6.94
5. Chicken Dumpling (6 Pc)$7.94
6. Beef Dumpling (6 Pc)$8.94
7. Fried Chicken Nuggets (12 Pc)$6.94
8. French Fries$3.94
9. Teriyaki Chicken on the Stick (3 Pc)$8.04
10. Crispy Chicken Tender$8.94
11. Steamed Wonton (10 Pc)$7.04
13. Chicken Wings (10 Pc)$8.04
12. Edamame Bean$4.54


1. Wonton Soup$4.04
2. Wonton Egg Drop Soup$4.04
3. Egg Drop Soup$3.44
4. Chicken Rice$4.04
5. Chicken Noodles$4.04
6. Chicken Vegetables (Quart)$7.04
7. Miso Soup$4.04
8. Hot & Sour Soup$4.54
* *Hot and spicy
9. House Special (Quart)$7.94
10. Vegetables Soup (Quart)$5.94
11. Vegetable Tofu Soup (Quart)$7.04
12. Hot & Sour Soup (Quart)$7.44
13. Wonton Soup (Quart)$6.94
14. Wonton Egg Drop Soup (Quart)$6.94
15. Egg Drop Soup (Quart)$6.94
16. Chicken Rice Soup (Quart)$7.04
17. Chicken Noodle Soup (Quart)$7.04
18. Miso Soup (Quart)$6.94

Lo Mein

1. Vegetable Lo Mein$9.44
2. Chicken Lo Mein$10.54
3. Beef Lo Mein$11.94
4. Veal Lo Mein$11.94
5. House Special Lo Mein$12.44
6. Plain Lo Mein$8.04

Chow Mein

1. Vegetable Chow Mein$10.94
2. Chicken Chow Mein$12.04
3. Beef Chow Mein$13.44
4. Veal Chow Mein$14.04
5. House Special Chow Mein$14.94

Fried Rice

1. Vegetable Fried Rice$9.04
2. Chicken Fried Rice$10.04
3. Beef Fried Rice$10.04
4. Veal Fried Rice$10.04
5. House Special Fried Rice$10.94


1. Hibachi Chicken$17.54
2. Teriyaki Chicken$17.44
3. Chicken with Broccoli$16.54
4. Moo Goo Gai Pan$16.54
5. Chicken with Mushroom$16.44
6. Chicken with Mixed Vegetable$16.44
7. Pepper Chicken with Onion$16.54
8. Chicken with Garlic Sauce$16.54
* *Hot and spicy
9. Hunan Chicken$16.54
* *Hot and spicy
10. Sweet & Sour Chicken$16.54
11. Chicken with Eggplant in Garlic Sauce$16.44
* *Hot and spicy
12. Curry Chicken$16.54
* *Hot and spicy
13. Szechuan Chicken$16.54
* *Hot and spicy
14. Black Pepper Chicken$17.54
* *Hot and spicy


1. Hibachi Steak$18.94
2. Teriyaki Steak$18.94
3. Beef with Broccoli$18.04
4. Beef with Mushroom$17.94
5. Pepper Steak with Onions$18.04
6. Beef with Mixed Vegetable$18.04
7. Beef with Garlic Sauce$18.04
* *Hot and spicy
8. Hunan Beef$18.04
* *Hot and spicy
9. Szechuan Beef$18.04
* *Hot and spicy
10. Beef with Eggplant in Garlic Sauce$18.04
* *Hot and spicy
11. Curry Beef$18.04
* *Hot and spicy
12. Beef with Black Pepper Sauce$19.04
* *Hot and spicy


1. Hibachi Veal$18.94
2. Teriyaki Veal$19.04
3. Veal with Broccoli$18.04
4. Veal with Mixed Vegetable$18.04
5. Veal with Mushroom$17.94
6. Veal with Garlic Sauce$18.04
* *Hot and spicy
7. Veal with Black Pepper Sauce$19.04
* *Hot and spicy
8. Veal with Eggplant in Garlic Sauce$17.94
* *Hot and spicy


1. Sauteed Mixed Vegetable$9.94
2. Eggplant with Garlic Sauce$11.04
* *Hot and spicy
3. Broccoli with Garlic Sauce$11.04
* *Hot and spicy
4. Tofu Home Style$11.04
5. Sesame Tofu$10.94
6. Hibachi Vegetable$11.94
7. Teriyaki Tofu Vegetable$11.94

Healthy Dishes

1. Steamed Broccoli$11.04
2. Steamed Mixed Vegetable$11.04
3. Steamed Tofu Vegetable$12.04
4. Steamed Chicken with Broccoli$17.04
5. Steamed Chicken with Vegetable$17.04
6. Steamed Beef with Broccoli$18.04
7. Steamed Beef with Vegetable$17.94

Side Order

White Rice$3.04
Brown Rice$3.94
Plain Fried Rice$4.04
Plain Soup$2.04