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Little Neck Clams On Half Shell$13.70
Clams Casino$14.80
Shrimp Cocktail$19.55
with garlic sauce.
Shrimp Villaroy$15.70
with wine sauce.
Smoked Salmon$16.80
Fried Calamares$15.00
seafood salad
Mussels Vinaigrette$12.90
Spanish Croquetas$12.90
Boquerones Vinaigrette$15.00
Peppers Piquillo$16.00
stuffed with cod fish.
Escargots Bourgogne$15.00
Artichoke Hearts$13.70
with vinaigrette
Roasted Peppers Piquillo$13.70
sauteed with garlic and wine or marinated with sherry, vinegar and virgin olive oil.
Spanish Asparagus "White"$14.90
Mushrooms Stuffed$14.70
with crabmeat
Ham And Melon$14.70
Chorizos "Spanish Sausages"$13.70
Spanish Serrano Ham$14.90
Spanish Cheese "Manchego"$14.80
"Iberico" Ham$34.95
Octopus "A La Gallega"$19.00
or sauteed with garlic and shrimp.

Lobster Special

1 1/4 Lbs Lobster$29.00
1 1/4 Lbs Twin Lobster$48.90

Soups And Salads

Gallcia Soup$8.90
vegetable soup
cold vegetable soup
Sopa De Alubias$8.90
black bean soup
Sopa Castellana$9.00
garlic soup
Organic Spring Greens$11.00
Tomato And Spanish Onions$9.70
Spinach Salad$11.80
with mushrooms and bacon.
Arugula And Manchego Cheese$12.90


Paella A La Valenciana$34.00
saffron rice, chicken, chorizos and seafood.
Paella A La Marinera$39.00
saffron rice, lobster, shrimp, scallops, clams and mussels.
Paella De Vegetables$28.00
saffron rice with vegetables.
mixed seafood in green sauce, egg sauce or hot garlic sauce.
Zarzuela De Mariscos A La Toledo$48.90
specialty of the house
Broiled African Lobster Tails$52.90
African Lobster Tails In White Sauce$52.90
onions, garlic, butter, milk and sherry wine.
African Lobster Tails In Green Sauce$52.90
Broiled Maine Lobster$48.90
stuffed with alaska king crabmeat.
Grilled Jumbo Shrimp$33.90
with lemon, butter and wine.
Broiled Shrimp In Wine Sauce$30.90
Shrimp In Green Sauce$31.00
hot garlic sauce or hot tomato sauce.
Shrimp And Rice$31.00
with saffron rice and red peppers in casserole.
Shrimp Villaroy$31.00
with bechamel cream
Alaska King Crabmeat$49.00
in white sauce, green sauce or hot garlic sauce.
Clams Marinara$29.00
with olive oil, parsley, garlic and onions
Clams Diablo$28.90
in hot tomato sauce.


Broiled Wild King Salmon$33.00
with lemon and butter sauce.
Poached Wild King Salmon$33.00
with hollandaise sauce
Wild King Salmon A La "Toledo"$34.00
made in fish sauce with diced tomatoes and shitake mushrooms.
Broiled Filet Of Grey Sole$31.00
lemon and butter
Filet Of Grey Sole$34.00
stuffed with salmon, diced tomatoes, shitake mushrooms in fish sauce.
Filet Of Grey Sole Sauce$33.00
with bananas and hollandaise sauce.
Filet Of Grey Sole A La Chef$31.90
made in fish sauce with diced tomatoes and shitake mushrooms.
Filet Of Grey Sole Romana$31.00
flour and egg battered.
Red Snapper A La Toledo$34.00
made in fish sauce with mushroom.
Red Snapper A La Vizcaina$33.90
made in tomato sauce with clams.
Broiled Filet Of Red Snapper$32.90
lemon and butter
Red Snapper$33.90
with green sauce
Baked Red Snapper, "House Specialty"$36.90


Milk Fed Veal Extremena$31.90
sauteed with onions, peppers and chorizos.
Milk Fed Veal$30.90
with wine sauce
Milk Fed Veal$30.90
with almond sauce
Milk Fed Veal A La Toledo$34.00
truffles sauce and mushrooms
Milk Fed Veal Milanese$31.00
Broiled Milk Fed Veal$30.90
lemon and wine
Prime American Spring Lamb Chops$46.90
with parisien potatoes, roasted tomatoes and sauteed mushrooms.
Double Cut Veal Loin Chop Riojana$44.90
sauteed mushrooms, red peppers and garlic.
Aged Prime NY Sirloin$46.90
Prime Filet Mignon$46.90
Filet Mignon Medallions$45.90
with truffle "tournedo toledo"
Filet Mignon Brochette$40.90


Chicken Ajillo$24.90
hot garlic sauce
Chicken Villaroy$26.00
breast of chicken with bechamel cream.
Chicken And Rice$22.90
with chorizos
Broiled Boneless Breast Of Chicken$24.90
marinated with garlic, parsley and sherry.
Breast Of Chicken Cutlet$24.90
with almond sauce, mushrooms sauce or wine sauce.
Broiled Cornish Hen$25.00
Cornish Hen A La Cazuela$26.00
with onions, garlic, wine and herbs
Spanish Omelette$18.55
"tortilla a la espanola"

Desserts & Beverages

Vanilla Custard Natilla$9.00
caramel custard
Ice Cream$8.00
vanilla or chocolate
with whipped cream.
Frutas In Season$9.00
Assorted Pastries$9.80
Crema Caralana$10.70
creme brulee
Assorted Sorbets$9.70
American Coffee Or Tea$2.90
Spanish Coffee$11.90
espresso coffee with kahba, brandy and whipped cream.
Irish Coffee$11.90
american, coffee with irish whisky, sugar & whipped cream.
Jamaican Coffee$12.00
espresso coffee with tia maria and whipped cream.