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Bottled and Canned Beverages

Deer Park 16.9 Fl Oz$1.80
FOCO Coconut Juice$2.70
Coconut juice with bits of coconut on the bottom!
Red Bull 8.4 Fl Oz.$3.55
Horizon Chocolate Milk$2.55
Organic! Vitamin A & D low-fat milk. USDA organic.
Jarritos 16.9 Fl Oz.$2.55
Canned Soda$1.55
Muscle Milk$3.55
Light chocolate shakes. Lactose and gluten free. Low fat & calories. RBST free. 0g sugar & 20g of protein per serving.
Muscle Milk Genuine$3.94
Vanilla creme with 25g protein.
Gatorade Orange 20 FLOZ$2.55
Gatorade Cool Blue 20 FLOZ$2.45

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea$5.30
Non-dairy. 24 fl oz.
Ice Flavored Teas$5.20
Refreshing iced tea! 24 fl oz. Non-dairy.
Iced Honey Teas$5.20
Iced honey tea. 24 fl oz. Non-Dairy
Lychee Cherry Blossom Green Tea$5.20
Delicious refreshing lychee cherry blossom green tea! Non-Dairy

Mocha Slush

Iced Vietnamese Coffee

Iced Vietnamese Coffee$5.30
Strong Vietnamese iced coffee to help kick start your day! Contains dairy. 24 fl oz.


Fruit smoothies. Non-dairy. 24 fl oz.
Skinny Smoothies$6.90
Made with all natural ingredients using fresh fruits and honey! 1/2 sugar + 1/3 carbs + 1/3 calories. Non-dairy. 24 fl oz.
The Green Smoothie$6.85
Delicious green smoothie! Made with mangoes, peaches, pineapples, and spinach! Vegan and dairy free! 24 fl oz.
Spicy Mango Smoothie$7.30
Mango puree smoothie topped with hot sauce, tajin, tamarind candy, and mango chunks! Sweet, tart, and savory!
Smoothie Without Ice$11.04
A 24 FLOZ combination of fruits with no ice

Smoothie Bowls

Acai Bowl$12.94
Organic acai berries packed with antioxidants and omegas 3 & 6 & 9. Made with strawberries, bananas, honey, and coconut milk! *vegan & dairy free* Customize your toppings!
Mango Smoothie Bowl$10.94
Delicious mango nectar blended with ice! Customize your toppings!

Hot Drinks

Hot Cocoa$3.45
Hot Bubble Teas$5.55
Get your favorite bubble tea hot!
Flavored Teas Hot$4.94
Get your favorite flavors for hot teas!
Honey Teas$3.45
Delicious honey teas!

Froyo Float

Froyo Floats$6.20
Your favorite froyo flavor paired with your choice of soda!

Froyo Parfait

Froyo Parfait$12.04
Yummy frozen yogurt dessert!

Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi Ice Cream$6.30
Japanese mochi (Japanese glutinous rice) individually wrapped with ice cream filling. Contains dairy.

Belgian Mini Cream Puffs

Belgian Mini Cream Puffs$4.20
Mini cream puffs filled with vanilla flavored whipped cream! Contains wheat, eggs, milk, and soy.

Island Sorbet

Island Sorbet$3.30
Natural fruit shells filled with smooth, creamy sorbet Contains dairy. Gluten free & non-GMO & kosher.

Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowl$12.04
Customize your own ready-to-eat fruit bowl, just how you like it! (16 oz.)


Choose your favorite cake and add toppings and sauces!


Gummy Frogs 8 Oz.$6.55
Gummy Bears 8 Oz.$6.20
Sour Patch Kids 8 Oz.$4.94
Sour Patch Watermelon 8 Oz.$5.04
Neon Gummy Worms 8 Oz.$6.55
Rainbow Mochi 10.58 Oz.$6.04
Rainbow Japanese glutinous rice cakes, lightly sweetened! (Contains wheat flour.)
Chocolate Pocky Single Pack$2.04
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats$1.30
Mini Reese's Cups$5.94
Pecans 5 Oz.$6.94
Pecan halves!
Walnuts 5 Oz.$7.04
20% halves with pieces.
Mini Caramel Cups 8 Oz.$6.55
Nerds 8 Oz.$5.55
Pirouline Wafers 3.25 Oz.$3.45
Chocolate hazelnut creme filled wafers. Contains wheat, soy, milk, hazelnuts, & peanuts.
Peanut M&Ms 8 Oz.$4.94
A healthy snack with lots of potassium and vitamins! Great to refuel your energy!
Fudge Iced Brownie$4.04
Fresh baked brownies topped with fudge icing!
Frosted Sugar Cookie Sandwiches (3)$4.04

Mango Snack

Mango Snack$3.70
Mango, con chile and limon.
Hawaiian Mango Snack$3.70
Mango snack with li hing mui powder! Healthy tart snack to satisfy those cravings!