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Today's Green Salads

Chicken Caesar
Fruit & Nut Caesar
Cheese & Nut
Gluten free
Egg & Bacon
Gluten free
Mixed Greens with Tarragon Chicken
Gluten free
Tossed Garden
Gluten free

Today's Deli Salads

Sesame Noodles
Sesame Almond Veggies
Gluten free
Maple Balsamic Veggies
Gluten free
Roasted Vegetables
Gluten free
Cranberry Spinach
Gluten free
Wasabi Coleslaw
Gluten free
Supergreen Salad
Gluten free
Fruit Salad
Gluten free
Bowtie & Spinach
Roasted Potato & Red Onion
Gluten free
Cuban Curried Sweet Potato
Gluten free
Poppyseed Broccoli
Gluten free
Brussel Sprouts in Honey Mustard
Gluten free
Dilly Potatoes Salad
Gluten free
Mediterranean Pasta
Beets & Blue Cheese
Gluten free
Cranberry Apple Sweet Potato
Gluten free
Asian Tabouleh
Beets & Chard
Gluten free
Quinoa Apple
Gluten free
Southwest Black Beans
Gluten free

Today's Soups

Fish Chowder
Corn Chowder
Chipotle Turkey Chili
Gluten free
Brunswick Stew
Cream of Parsnip
Chicken Vegetable
Gluten free
Ham & Navy Bean
Creamy Tortellini Primavera
Cranberry Squash Bisque
Golden Asian Miso
Gluten free
Mushroom Barley
Lentil Soup
Gluten free
Curried Tomato
Gluten free
Split Pea
Gluten free

Burritos & Entrees

Cuban Black Bean Burrito
Sweet Potato Black Bean Burrito
Caribbean Pork Burrito
BBQ Pulled Pork Burrito
Chicken Spinach Burrito
Beef Mushroom Burrito
Cajun Chicken
Beef Lasagna
Penne & Cheese
Chicken Satay

Today's Sandwich Bread

Honey Wheat
Tomato Herb
Honey Oat
All-Natural Spinach Wrap
All-Natural Garlic & Herb Wrap
Gluten Free Roll

Breakfast Goods

Bear Claws
Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Fruit Cups
Egg Sandwiches on Biscuits


Quiche Lorraine
Bacon Onion Tomato
Sausage & Pepper
Sausage & Apple
Scallop & Bacon
Spinach Feta
Sun Dried Tomato Chevre
Tomato Basil
Roasted Vegetable
Broccoli Mushroom


Wild Oats Club$4.90
Smoked turkey and ham with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, sprouts and mayo
Turkey BLT$4.90
Smoked turkey with bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and mayo
Cracked Pepper Turkey$4.90
Cracked pepper turkey with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and carrots with our own maine wildflower honey mustard
Wild Oats Turkey Salad$5.00
Homemade turkey salad with maine maple syrup and sundried tomatoes with provolone cheese, lettuce, carrots and sprouts
Savory gardenburger with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, carrots, green peppers, wild oats hummus and honey mustard
Chutney Chicken Salad$5.00
fresh chicken salad with mango chutney and walnuts with carrots, lettuce and tomato
Avocado & Cheddar$5.00
Fresh avocado and cheddar with lettuce, tomato and carrots and mayo
Oven Roasted Turkey with Cranberry Mayo$5.00
Our in-house baked turkey with homemade cranberry mayo, lettuce, carrots and sprouts


Egg & Avocado$7.90
Baked egg, fresh avocado, spinach, salsa and melted cheddar
Egg & Bacon$8.00
our baked egg, bacon, tomato slices and our homemade boursin - herbed cream cheese
Egg & Spinach$7.90
Baked egg and bacon with tomato slices, fresh spinach and melted cheddar
The Wild Goat$7.90
Cracked pepper turkey with goat cheese and red onions, green peppers and homemade pesto mayo
The Harvest Turkey$7.90
Smoked turkey and bacon with apple slices, cheddar cheese and our homemade cranberry mayo
The Green Monster$8.00
Fresh avocado and cheddar with spinach, green peppers and homemade pesto mayo
The Mediterranean$7.90
Roasted seasonal vegetables with vermont goat cheese, spinach, tomato and pesto mayo
The Cuban$8.00
Cracked pepper turkey and ham with swiss cheese, pickles and spicy mustard
The Buffalo Bill$7.90
Homemade buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese, carrots, tomato, onions and ranch dressing.
The Rachel$8.00
Smoked turkey and swiss cheese with thousand island dressing, homemade wasabi coleslaw and pickles.

Homemade Bread

The White Breads - Potato
Wonderbread, our all-purpose white bread is made with potato flour
The Oatmeal Breads - Honey Oat
Our slightly sweet oat bread, made with local maine wildfower honey and thick-cut rolled oats.
The Oatmeal Breads - Maple Oat
This aromatic bread is made with thick-cut rolled oats and real, organic maine maple syrup. Perfect for toasting and for sandwiches. Vegan
The New England Classic - Anadama
A new england favorite that's the perfect marriage of coarse cornmeal and 100% natural crosby's molasses. Vegan
The Whole Grains - Abenaki
Our unique bread made with a perfect combination of white and whole wheat flour, rolled oats, cornmeal and vitamin-rich pumpkin seeds, poppyseeds and sunflower seeds. Vegan
The Whole Grains - Honey Wheat
The perfect balance of white flour and unbleached, unbromated whole wheat flour, combined with local maine wildflower honey.
The Savory Breads - Tomato Herb
Served with tomatoes, basil and garlic in a unique bread. Vegan
The Specialty Breads - Challah
A slightly sweet, dairy-free traditional jewish and european egg bread. Available with or without poppyseeds. Perfect for tearing off and eating or making the most perfect french toast
The Specialty Breads - English Muffin Bread
All of the nooks and crannies of a traditional english muffin, in a delicious, fat-free bread.