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Fresh Salads

Garden Salad
Chicken Tender Salad
BBQ Chicken Salad
Buffalo Shrimp Salad


Buttery flavor not hot
Tangy, but not hot
Our signature hot sauce mouth warming not mouth burning
Extra Hot
Mouth burning
Will make you sweat
Only on, dare
Hickory flavor merged with just enough spice
Honey BBQ
Hickory flavored sweetened with honey
Spicy hickory flavor
Caribbean Jerk
Spicy tastes of the caribbean islands
Finley cround indian spices
Sweet n Sour
A bit of each
Buffalo Garlic
Our signature hot sauce with just the right blend of garlic
Chesapeake Bay
A unique taste from. The eastern shore of maryland
Lemon Pepper
Juicy and spicy
Golden Garlic
Buttery & loaded with garlic
Honey Mustard
The perfect blend of premium mustards and the finest honey
A unique taste of the orient
Our signature hot sauce with a secret blend of spices straight from the bayou
Garlic Parmesan
Our golden garlic with fresh grated parmesan added

Buffalo Wings

5 Pieces Wings
10 Pieces Wings
20 Pieces Wings
30 Pieces Wings
40 Pieces Wings
50 Pieces Wings
60 Pieces Wings
70 Pieces Wings
80 Pieces Wings
100 Pieces Wings

Fresh Tenders

5 Pieces Tenders
10 Pieces Tenders
15 Pieces Tenders
20 Pieces Tenders
25 Pieces Tenders
30 Pieces Tenders
50 Pieces Tenders
100 Pieces Tenders

Buffalo Shrimp

5 Pieces Shrimp
10 Pieces Shrimp
15 Pieces Shrimp
20 Pieces Shrimp
25 Pieces Shrimp
30 Pieces Shrimp
50 Pieces Shrimp
100 Pieces Shrimp


Golden Chicken Tender Wrap
Fresh, tenders, lettuce, tomato & ranch dressing
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Fresh, tenders, romaine lettuce & caesar dressing
Shrimp Wrap
Buffalo shrimp, lettuce, tomato & choice of WTG sauce


Golden Chicken Tender Sandwich
Fresh chicken tenders, lettuce, tomato. Mayo or choice of WTG sauce
Southern Style Chicken Tender Sandwich
Fresh chicken tenders, wtg BBQ sauce & coleslaw
Cordon Bleu Chicken Tender Sandwich
Fresh chicken tenders, sliced ham, provolone cheese & honey mustard
Buffalo Style Chicken Tender Sandwich
Fresh chicken, tenders, lettuce, wtg hot sauce & bleu cheese