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Cheese Burger$3.74
Bacon Burger$4.44
Snowbunny Burger$4.14
ham & swiss
Powder Pig Burger$5.54
ham, bacon, swiss & american
Roadkill Patty Melt$4.24
grilled buttermilk, ham, swiss & american
Jack Rabbit Patty Melt$4.44
grilled sourdough rounds, bacon, swiss & american
Mushroom Burger$4.14
sauteed mushrooms & swiss
Western Burger$5.44
bacon, bbq sauce & onion rings
Rug Burn$5.74
1/4 lb patty, hot italian sausage link & american
Cross Hare$5.74
1/4 lb patty, chicken patty, ham & swiss
Wrangler Burger$5.54
double meat, double cheese
Power Bunny Burger$6.24
triple meat, triple cheese
Bubba Burger$7.24
triple meat, triple cheese, ham & bacon
Camas Chicken Burger$4.04
Sawtooth Chicken Burger$4.84
bacon & american
Malibu Chicken Burger$4.54
ham & swiss
Grilled Chicken Burger$4.24
Chicken Fried Steak Sand$4.34
Chicken Club Wrap$4.94
choice of crispy or grilled, bacon, lettuce, tomato & choice of sauce
Birds Nest$4.94
sauteed mushrooms, turkey, onions on a flour tortilla with sour cream & salsa
Fish Burger$3.94
breaded cod square
Veggie Burger$4.44
Grilled Turkey Burger$4.74
whole wheat bun & tomato
Foot Long Hot Dog$3.24
Grilled Ham & Cheese$3.34
Grilled Cheese$2.14
Fresh Garden Salad$2.34
add chicken - crispy or grilled
Chicken Wings$7.24
10 wings, choice of sauce


Chicken Strip Basket$7.14
Finger Steak Basket$7.24
Fish & Chips Basket$7.14
Shrimp Basket$7.14

Jr. Meals

Jr. Burger$3.65
Jr. Cheese Burger$4.04
Jr. Bacon Burger$4.44
Jr. Foo Foo$4.44
ham & swiss
Jr. Grilled Cheese$3.65
Jr. Grilled Ham & Cheese$4.54
Jr. Hot Dog$4.44
Jr. Corn Mini Corndogs$3.65
Jr. Mac & Cheese Bites$3.65
Jr. Chicken Strips$4.54
Jr. Fish & Chips$4.54
Jr. Finger Steaks$4.54
Kiddie Burger Only$2.24
Kiddie Cheese Burger Only$2.44
Kiddie Foo Foo Only$2.94
Kiddie Bacon Burger Only$2.94

Side Orders

Curley Fries$2.64
fresh cut
Sweet Potato Fries$3.24
Onion Rings$3.34
Hot Tots$3.34
jalapeno & cheddar
Mozz. Cheese Sticks$3.64
Jalapeno Cheese Sticks$3.74
Fried Pickles$3.54
Mini Corn Dogs$1.54
Mac & Cheese Bites$3.74

Gluten Free Items

Gluten Free Chicken Strips$6.94