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Appetizers and Soups

Egg Drop Soup$3.30
A delightful soup with egg and vegetables.
Garlic Soy Edamame$4.00
Edamame tossed in a savory garlic soy sauce.
Fried Dumplings$5.90
6 dumplings filled with pork and vegetable served with ginger soy vinaigrette.
Hot and Sour Soup$3.30
Spicy. A tangy and spicy soup with bamboo shoots, tofu and egg.
Scallion Pancake$2.70
Savory and crispy pastry with scallions, served with soy dipping sauce.
Chicken and Vegetable Soup$7.00
Tender chicken and mixed vegetables in a savory broth.
Crispy Chicken Wings$7.00
6 pieces.
Blue Crab Rangoon$8.00
6 pieces with lump crab meat, scallions and cream cheese filled crispy wontons.
Crispy Egg Rolls$3.55
2 pieces.


General Tso's$9.30
Spicy. Spicy bold and tangy sauce, served with broccoli.
A savory sesame sauce, served with broccoli.
Salt and Pepper$9.20
Spicy. Jalapeño, bell peppers, garlic and onions tossed with salt and pepper.
Vegetarian's Delight$9.30
Tofu, carrots, mushrooms, green beans, broccoli, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts in our house sauce.
Orange Flavored$9.30
Spicy. A hint of orange sweetness, served with broccoli.
Zao’s Egg Fried Rice$7.50
A simple fried rice with eggs and scallions.


Kung Pao$9.30
Spicy. Bell peppers, onions, celery and peanuts in a red chili pepper infused fiery sauce.
Scallions, bamboo shoots, carrots, mushrooms and onions in a soy glaze.
Moo Goo$9.30
Napa, carrots, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts in our house sauce.
Celery, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, peas and carrots in our house sauce.
Hot Garlic$9.20
Spicy. Tangy spicy garlic sauce with scallions, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and carrots.
String Bean$9.30
Fresh green beans, carrots and bamboo shoots Stir-Fry in a savory garlic sauce.
Fried Rice$9.30
Eggs, peas, carrots, scallions and rice Stir-Fry.
Sweet and Sour$9.30
Pineapple, bell peppers, onions and carrots in a sweet and sour sauce.
Black Bean$9.30
Spicy. Bell peppers and onions in a jalapeño and black bean sauce.
Pan Fried Noodles$9.20
Crispy egg noodles topped with mixed vegetables in our house sauce.
Broccoli and Mushroom$9.20
Broccoli, mushrooms, bamboo shoot sand carrots in our house sauce.
Thin egg noodles tossed with mixed vegetables.
Celery, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, peas and carrots in our house sauce.


Bottled Water$0.95
Bottled Soda$2.55
Mexican Coke, Mexican Sprite, Mexican Fanta, Dr. Pepper.
Variety Canned Drinks$1.55
Green jasmine tea (sweetened), chrysanthemum tea (sweetened), sweet soy milk.