Buffalo Wild Wings has had a good corner of the market covered, with not many other eateries specializing in chicken wings. That, with the addition of beer, snacks, and sports viewing at each restaurant, has allowed B-Dub to enjoy strong sales in recent years, and they look to continue their strong run with a crazy promotional offer.

Buffalo Wild Wings Promo : Half Priced Wings !

A Buffalo Wild Wings Promotion you would love ? Half-priced wings every single Tuesday. This isn’t a limited release or anything like that, just a straight-up weekly promo that the company is hoping with bring even more hungry customers through the doors.

With the promotion now available in over 1,000 locations nationwide, there has never been a better time for wing-lovers! Additionally, the return of the football season looks to be the perfect time for the unleashing of this great deal, and we can imagine plenty of sports fans heading to their nearest restaurant on Tuesdays!

Talk from the company is that the weekly promotion has showcased improved sales for the company already, with many viewing it as a step-up against competitor Wingstop, who themselves have seen strong sales growth in recent quarters.

The big different between the two is that Buffalo Wild Wings is more of a fast casual restaurant while Wingstop caters towards the lower-priced quick service market. Still, a slight decline in sales in recent quarters from Buffalo Wild Wings has provoked a strong response from the company, which looks to offer even better prices to remain close to their nearest competitors.

So by offering the fast-casual experience but with affordable rates found in quick service restaurants, it looks like the company could end up taking away sales from restaurants across the board.

It’s not the only promotion that Buffalo Wild Wings has rolled out either. Their 15-minute lunch guarantee aims to attract customers that are too short of time to pop in for a bite during their lunch by offering fast service guarantee.

Now combine this with half-priced wings on Tuesdays, and it is easy to see Buffalo Wild Wings becoming one of the hotspots for a Tuesday lunch! Furthermore, B-Dub offers a fantastic dining experience with their sports bar themed restaurants, so it could very well become the place to visit on Tuesdays.

It looks to be beneficial for the company, but more important for us customers! Next time you feel like you could go for some tasty chicken wings or are looking for somewhere to catch any football games, then heading to your local Buffalo Wild Wings on a Tuesday is a brilliant idea!