As summer gets into full swing, eateries are looking to showcase their latest offerings that will make the perfect partner for those amazing summer days. There’s plenty of new and exciting food and drink currently available and soon to be released, but as always some will only be available for a limited time – be sure to snap them up while you can!

Let’s see check out all of the latest and upcoming fast food releases this summer!


Arby’s as some great new releases to keep you going throughout the summer, starting with an interesting shake available throughout June.

The Liger Shake, named after the hybrid offspring of a male lion and female tiger, is also a hybrid of two Arby’s shakes – the Ultimate Chocolate and Orange Cream Shake.

To finish of the Liger design, strips of Ghirardelli chocolate sauce are added, resulting in a blend of ‘liger like’ colors.

The Pizza Slider was also released towards the end of May, with the mini sandwich consisting of pepperoni, salami, provolone cheese and some marinara sauce.

Baskin Robbins

It wouldn’t be summer without some ice cream! And so far, Baskin Robbins has certainly impressed with their June release ‘Flavor of the Month’.

The brand-new Twix Ice Cream is as incredible as it sounds, combining chocolate malt and caramel ice cream, ribbons of sweet caramel, sprinkles of chocolate flakes, and the all-important Twix pieces!

As if that wasn’t enough dessert for you to handle, they have also released a new addition to their warm cookie selection with the Praline Pecan Cookie. Similar to the Pralines ‘n Cream ice cream flavour, it’s available with the Warm Cookie Sundae or the ice cream sandwich.

Burger King

BK is always good for a new release throughout the summer, and this year is no exception.

The Mushroom & Swiss King is a tasty new burger featuring two slices of Swiss Cheese stuffed between two ¼ lb patties, topped with thick-cut bacon, mushrooms, and mayo.

After an initial release last summer, the famous Mac n’ Cheetos is back for a limited time this summer. They are much the same as last time, featuring a Cheeto-shaped snack filed with mac and cheese and covered with a crisp Cheeto coating.

And after their popular Fruit Loops Shake release, Burger King has brought out another cereal-inspired milkshake, with the newly released Lucky Charms Shake. It combines soft serve ice cream, syrup, and the popular marshmallow and oat cereal Lucky Charm cereal pieces, and is available from June 19.

 Chick fil A

Inspired by the new season, Chick fil A is releasing a summer-themed burger and drink, available from May to August.

The burger is the new Smokehouse BBQ Bacon Sandwich, featuring grilled chicken, bacon with a brown sugar and pepper coating, Colby-Jack cheese, lettuce and a Smokehouse BBQ sauce.

This can be washed down with a very refreshing summer drink, with the Watermelon Mint Lemonade making a fine pairing alongside the new burger. It’s similar to other Chick-fil-A lemonades, with a notable watermelon and mint flavour.

Not only that, but the restaurant is also adding a new sandwich item to their breakfast menu – a first since 2010! The Egg White Grill sandwich is a low calorie offering, featuring a grilled chicken breast, grilled egg whites, a topping of American cheese, all of which is sandwiched between a multi-grain English muffin.

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel has re-released their very popular Campfire Meals this summer, with a range of meals slow cooked in tinfoil for that classic campfire cuisine. While the savoury Campfire Chicken and Campfire Beef have been favourites for some time, there’s actually a new sweet treat to enjoy too!

The Campfire S’more is a fun new take on the timeless campfire treat, consisting of Hershey’s chocolate fudge brownie, graham cracker crash, topped with toasted marshmallow and a Melted Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar.

Served alongside ice cream and special dark syrup, this is one awesome dessert you have to try this summer. Be sure to get it while available, with the Campfire Meals running through to August 6.

Dairy Queen

With a new burger and Blizzard release, Dairy Queen has some great options to check out this summer.

The A.1. Bacon Cheeseburger features a thick beef patty topped with Applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, and the all-important A.1. Sauce. Better still, you can grab the new burger as part of the $5 Buck Lunch menu, where you also get a drink, fries, and small sundae.

As for this month’s Blizzard, June will see the return of Cotton Candy Blizzard. Vanilla soft serve, cotton candy, and sprinkles combine for an awesome summer dessert!


Jumping on the summer-themed bandwagon, McDonald’s is bringing back the Rolo McFlurry, which is available throughout the entire summer through to September. It combines vanilla soft serve with pieces of milk chocolate and caramel for a very tasty dessert that was first introduced back in 2012 but has finally made a welcome return.


The fried chicken specialist has introduced new tenders this month, with the release of the Sweet and Crunchy Tenders. Available with limited edition Smokin’ Pepper Jam Sauce, the meal consists of three chicken tenders battered with a shortbread cookie coating, also including a side, biscuit and the aforementioned dipping sauce.


Celebrating the release of the summer blockbuster ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’, Sonic has paired with Paramount Pictures to release new promotional slushes – Transformers: The Last Knight Slushes.

Coinciding with the release of the movie on June 21, the slushes are available for a limited time only, coming in three distinct flavours that are inspired by a Transformer.

The Bumblebee (orange and grape), Optimus Prime (cherry and blue raspberry), and Megatron Slushes (clear slush topped with grape) all feature colourful designs based on the movie characters of the same name, being served in a see-through cup to let you view the color-changing slush in all its glory.