Are you looking to visit Sydney, Australia soon, whether for business or vacation, if so you will probably be wanting to figure out where to go to eat? As you probably can figure out, seafood is one of the most popular types of food to eat in Sydney. With its close proximity to the coast of Australia, there many dozens of restaurants that specialize in seafood.

So, finding the best ones to try out might be a bit of a daunting task, so we put together a list of the Top 10 Seafood  Restaurants in Sydney, Australia. Below is our selections of the best of the best seafood restaurants in the Sydney area.

5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Sydney, Australia

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#1 Fish at the Rock The Fish at the Rock is a high quality restaurant that serves a wide range of Australian cuisine, a variety of seafood including cuttlefish, snapper, sardines and battered flathead, prawn, burgers, chili as well as a variety of salad options. It is considered casual dining and moderately priced.

#2 Sydney Cove Oyster Bar The Sydney Cove Oyster Bar features oysters and oyster shots along with wide range of other tasty seafood options like tiger prawn, crab and many other species of fresh fish. It features Australian cuisine as well as being vegetarian-friendly and has gluten-free options to choose from. The food prices are moderate and the service is high quality.

#3 Masuya Japanese Seafood Restaurant The Masuya Japanese Seafood Restaurant is one of the best places in all of Australia for sushi and a wide range of Japanese and Asian cuisine. They serve oysters, a variety of fresh fish, tonkatsu pork. The menu also features vegetarian and gluten-free options and the prices are considered moderate.

#4 Flying Fish Restaurant & Bar

The Flying Fish Restaurant & Bar high-quality and upscale restaurant located on Jones Bay Wharf in Sydney, New South Wales in Australia. Its menu features a variety of seafood items as well as other Australian cuisines. The prices are definitely on the high side as one would expect.

#5 Manta Restaurant The Manta Restaurant is perfectly situated in a prime wharf-front location for a nice romantic evening dinner or a for that special occasion meal with good friends. The menu features a large variety of fish and other seafood options including prawn, oysters and the freshest fish. There are plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly choices as well. The prices are more on the higher side than you might expect with its superior location.