Like so many parts of Florida, Destin is a really popular destination spot for travelers in the Panhandle of Florida. It is situated on the Gulf of Mexico and with miles of coastal beachfront views, it is no wonder so many people visit there with their families. While people are on vacation and trying to decide where they want to eat, many people look to avoid the typical chain restaurants and opt for trying something new.

In the Destin, Florida area there is no shortage of unique to the area, resort style restaurants to try out. There are even many that are considered family friendly with nice kids menus for those 12 years of age and younger. In this article, we came up with a list of seven of the top family friendly restaurants in the Destin, Florida area.

Top 7 Family Friendly Restaurants in Destin, Florida

#1 Dewey’s Destin – Perfect choice for the family that loves seafood, the menu is filled with many different types of seafood. For the adults, Sesame Crusted Seared Tuna is a specialty, plus Snow Crab Legs, Crab Cakes, Scallops and so much more. For the kids, grilled cheese, hot dogs, chicken fingers and of course grilled shrimp as well. The prices are moderately expensive as it is expected with seafood.

#2 Fat Clemenza Perfect choice for the Italian food loving family, nice atmosphere and is extremely family friendly. There are plenty of Italian dishes for the adults and fresh pizza for kids or other Italian food choices as well. The food prices are very affordable and family friendly.

#3 Harry T’s This nice waterfront location has both inside and outside seating so that you can enjoy watching the boats coming in and going out as you eat your food. The menu is quite varied with many different types of fish, steak, sandwiches, soup and salads. For the kids, they can enjoy chicken fingers and wings among other options. The food prices are a little on high side, but you can expect to pay a little more at waterfront restaurants.

 #4 La Famiglia – This family-friendly Italian style restaurant features a wide range of family favorite foods like; seafood, pizza, pasta, soups, and salads. Not many kids can resist a great tasting doughy pizza and the parents can enjoy the seafood or manicotti or the fettuccine Bolognese. The pricing is very family friendly as well.

#5 Lighthouse Restaurant This is a nice family friendly option with a varied menu of seafood and other American food choices. They have a nice kids menu popcorn shrimp, cheese sticks, and hot dogs, while the adults can dine of seafood platter featuring scallops, shrimp, fish and crab cakes. It is truly a family friendly restaurant with it moderate food prices compared to other places in the area.

#6 Marina Cafe Nice quaint cafe right on the harbor with great views of the water as you and your family enjoys your food. The menu features the typical seafood fare, plus steak, soups and salads. For the kids, they have pizza, burgers, mac and cheese. The atmosphere is cozy and not too noisy as to disturb your family eating time. The food is not outlandishly expensive, but with its close proximity to the water, you can expect to pay a bit more.

#7 Meltdown on 30A No child can resist the taste of a melty grilled cheese sandwich at any time of the day. This cool place eat is right off the beach and accepts patrons who walk up in full beach attire, no need to get dressed up to grab a bite to eat. The menu includes a variety of tasty grilled cheese sandwiches served picnic style. A good choice for an inexpensive meal when looking for a quick bite to eat.